Steel detailing services: Steel Beam & Column connection design services

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Published: 26th May 2010
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If you need structural design, structural drafting and steel detailing services then we are the right choice. At Structural drafting India we offer most competitive rates for structural design drafting and Structural drafting India. Our firm is trusted choice for various offshore builders, contractors and Structural firms. From beginning to end we ensure perfection and time bound structural drafting services.

Structural drafting India Services Company specializes in providing efficient Steel connection detailing services to structural steel industry meeting all the specifications and standards.

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We offer steel detailing services include described as below:

• Steel member design

• Structural steel connections design

• End Plate Connection Design

• Frame & Finite element analysis

• Steel connection drawings

• Steel beam/column dimensions

• Beam/column sizes

• Fabrication shop drawings

• Handrail, beam, deck, joist & stair detailing

• Structural load calculations

•Rebar detailing

•precast detailing

• Miscellaneous detailing work

Our trained team of steel detailers and checkers is well-versed with engineering codes and standards providing accurate detailing of structural steel members. We provide easy-to-read and detailed shop drawings for smooth fabrication.

We can assist you in projects like 2-3 Story houses, Residential buildings, Hotels, Bridge structures, Sky-scrappers, Industrial plants and many more.

Save 40% to 60% on your beam-column connection design and drawing related requirements today! - email us to get custom quotes.

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